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Things to know about Summergrass 2016

What about arrival logistics and check-in?

Update 8-16-2016 — Summergrass San Diego fans coming south on Interstate 5 should be aware of the following scheduled traffic impact…/I-5-(Avenida-Pico-to-San-Juan-Creek-Roa…/…

Our thanks to Summergrass friend Dianne Larson for making us aware of this. AAA members can contact their local office for help choosing an alternate route.

Arrival details Wednesday through Friday Due to the Museum’s proximity to the adjoining school, it is in your best interest to plan to arrive at the Museum after 4pm Wednesday (the Summergrass gate doesn’t open until then), before 3pm or after 4pm Thursday or before 12 or after 1pm, Friday.  Check in at the  gate, where you’ll receive stickers for you vehicle(s) if you’re camping and wristbands for yourself.  If you have pre-purchased your tickets and/or camping, please bring verification of purchase on your mobile device,  or the verification letter, and a photo ID, just in case.

If you require assistance getting to the audience area, please check with the gate volunteers for the best option for you.

If you’re part of a group of campers who wish to be placed together, please try to arrive together, and let the gate volunteers know.

What about seating and shade?

Seating at Summergrass is festival style. Bring a blanket for the ground or low backed  chairs for the area closest to the stage. You can place your chair(s) in any open space and expect to find it there when you come back. If you see open chairs in the audience area, you’re free to occupy them until the owner(s) return to claim it.

Taller chairs and individual umbrellas can be placed to the sides and rear of the audience area. If you’re unsure, find a festival volunteer (they have a badge) and ask. We’re happy to answer questions.

Can I bring in an ice chest?

Yes! But please don’t bring glass in any form.  You may bring in outside food and/or beverage to enjoy at the festival — although the scent of barbecue or the lure of ice cream may be too much to resist.

Rustic terrain is difficult. How can I get around?

We’re happy to help. Special motorized carts and experienced drivers are available to move you and your equipment from the parking lot to the audience area. In limited instances, a driver may be able to drop off handicapped guests in the audience area. Please check with the gate volunteers for the best option for you.

Why should I stay in the campground?

In a word, jamming.  It’s great. Year after year, Summergrass folk say the jams that start once the bands leave the stage are as enjoyable as the stage show.  For any die-hard bluegrass lover, it’s a not-to-be-missed event.

What are the different campground areas at Summergrass/AGSEM?

MAIN:  Closest to restrooms, food service, and the entrance/exit to  the Antique Gas & Steam Engine Museum, the Main campground is also the busiest and most crowded.  One section of the Main campground is specifically for tents and car/van campers; the section over the bridge is mostly RVs, and has the only electric hook-ups available at Summergrass Bluegrass Festival.

WEST:  Much more spacious, this campground provides easy access to the audience area. There are no hook-ups in this area.

QUIET:  Spacious, quiet camping, as the name suggests. This is a generator-free area with no hookups.

Who can stay at my campsite?

All campground guests, that is anyone in the campground at any time, must have proof of paid festival admittance for that specific day.  All overnight guests must have paid festival admittance for both days of their overnight stay.  A Summergrass issued wristband is the only valid proof of paid admittance and must be worn by anyone 10 years or older.

What other facilities are nearby for overnight accommodations?


Guajome Regional Park at 3000 Guajome Lakes Road in Oceanside is approximately 2.1mi from the Antique Gas & Steam Engine Museum.

South Carlsbad State Beach and San Onofre State Beach are beautiful oceanfront campgrounds less than half an hour away.

Use your favorite resort directory to choose one of the many RV resorts in Vista, Oceanside, and nearby San Marcos.

Hotels & Inns

The La Quinta Inn in Vista is the (un)official hotel of Summergrass San Diego and is located just over 6mi from the  Antique Gas & Steam Engine Museum.  There are many other hotels within a fifteen minute drive.  Check out reviews and other information here.

Oh no! Life happened. Can I get a refund?

Resources are tight for Summergrass Festival. We are entirely volunteer operated, revenue from each season is the sole funding for the next one, therefore we cannot offer a refund for any reason. However, we do understand that things change, sometimes drastically, and will do what we can to help.

Just what you’ve been waiting for

Summergrass 2016 Stage Schedule

Friday August 19

3:00 pm  Rocky Neck

4:00 pm Chris Henry

5:00 pm  Old Town Road

6:00 pm   Dinner Break

7:00 pm Burning Heart

8:00 pm  Bluegrass Etc.

9:00 pm  Chris Henry

Saturday August 20

10:00 am   This Just In

11:00 am Bluegrass Etc.

Noon: Chris Henry

1:00 pm   Lunch Break

2:00 pm  Virtual Strangers

3:00 pm Vintage Martins

4:00 pm Gibson Bros

5:00 pm  Bluegrass Etc.

6:00 pm  Dinner Break

7:00 pm Rocky Neck

8:00 pm  David Parmley

9:00 pm Gibson Bros.

Sunday Aug 21

9:00 am  Sweet Tidings

10:00 am  David Parmley

11:00 am Gone Tomorrow

Noon:   Kids on Stage

12:30 pm Rocky Neck

1:15 pm    Lunch Break

2:00 pm  David Parmley

3:00 pm   Gibson Bros

4:00 pm Vintage Martins