Just what you’ve been waiting for

Summergrass 2016 Stage Schedule

Friday August 19

3:00 pm  Rocky Neck

4:00 pm Chris Henry

5:00 pm  Old Town Road

6:00 pm   Dinner Break

7:00 pm Burning Heart

8:00 pm  Bluegrass Etc.

9:00 pm  Chris Henry

Saturday August 20

10:00 am   This Just In

11:00 am Bluegrass Etc.

Noon: Chris Henry

1:00 pm   Lunch Break

2:00 pm  Virtual Strangers

3:00 pm Vintage Martins

4:00 pm Gibson Bros

5:00 pm  Bluegrass Etc.

6:00 pm  Dinner Break

7:00 pm Rocky Neck

8:00 pm  David Parmley

9:00 pm Gibson Bros.

Sunday Aug 21

9:00 am  Sweet Tidings

10:00 am  David Parmley

11:00 am Gone Tomorrow

Noon:   Kids on Stage

12:30 pm Rocky Neck

1:15 pm    Lunch Break

2:00 pm  David Parmley

3:00 pm   Gibson Bros

4:00 pm Vintage Martins

5 thoughts on “Just what you’ve been waiting for”

    1. Hi Vandy,
      Thanks for asking, tickets for Saturday are $30. They will be on sale at the Summergrass gate beginning Wednesday, August 17th at 4PM.

    2. Saturday admission is $30 for everyone over the age of 10. Ten years and younger are free.
      Sorry this reply took so long! I thought I’d already answered. Hope to see you there!

    1. Sunday and Friday tickets are $20 per person over the age of 10.
      Saturday tickets are $30.
      Hope to see you there!

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