We Love Summergrass Vendors!

Thank you for your interest in being a small business vendor at the 14th Summergrass San Diego Bluegrass Festival. We truly want you to enjoy your experience at Summergrass. If you are a returning vendor, thanks for your previous support. We expect an even bigger and better festival this year.

Summergrass attendees (and shoppers!) include both men and women, babies, grandparents, and everything in between.  The majority of our visitors are 40 +, and include both campers and day visitors.

There is music onstage Friday through Sunday from the time the grounds open until they close, except during meal breaks. Folks can enjoy demonstrations of the museums very cool equipment so tend to wander the fascinating museum grounds at all hours of the day.

If you are a new vendor and haven’t done so yet, please check out all of the Summergrass posts on the web pages and on Facebook.  As you will see, we have a dynamic line-up of entertainment and a unique outdoor location at the 55 acre Antique Gas & Steam Engine Museum at 2040 N. Santa Fe Ave. in Vista CA, offering visitors much to enjoy in addition to the music.

Keep in mind that this is a music festival and our guests are focused mainly on music, but really enjoy the  opportunity to explore and shop.  Our wonderful vendors add to the ambiance of the event.

Would you like to sell at Summergrass?  What potential vendors need to know

Vendor Selection: Summergrass vendors are “juried”, so send a photo of your vendor setup and a list of what you sell when you submit your application unless you’ve previously been a Summergrass vendor and we’re already familiar with  you.  If you are a previous vendor, but you have new merchandise or new site setup, send a list and a photo please.

We attempt to minimize duplication in vendors to be fair to the vendors who commit themselves to our festival early. Apply as soon as possible to insure you have a space.

We have only about 25 vendor spaces, and they will go fast!

Download the Summergrass Vendor application here.

Food vendors:  Summergrass is unable to accept applications from food vendors who have freshly prepared products to be eaten on the grounds. The Antique Gas & Steam Engine Museum venue has a number of permanent food facilities that operate during Summergrass as a fundraiser for their programs. Pre-packaged foods (in jars, such as dried seasonings, etc., not consumable on grounds)  may be acceptable… please call to check before sending in your application.

Music vendors: Other vendors may sell some of the smaller accessory items you might carry (tuners, strings, picks, etc.), but we try to be sure that your “major” items (instrument types, price ranges, etc.) aren’t duplicated by other vendors. Due to the nature of music product vending there may be some overlap in products.

Application Process: Submission of an application does not guarantee acceptance. If for some reason your application is not accepted we will return your check. We want to ensure what you are bringing is likely to appeal to visitors so that vendors make some money and visitors enjoy a variety of quality vendors.

Fees: The application form provides full information about fees, including camping registration for vendors.  Your vendor fee includes festival admission for two working vendor personnel but not vendor camping space (an additional $42, if you decide to camp on site).

Download the Summergrass Vendor application here.

 Insurance: Our insurance requires that our vendors be covered by their own liability insurance.  We need a copy of the Insurance rider mailed WITH your application or within 2 weeks of notice of acceptance.

Equipment: Vendors – bring all your own stuff: tables, chairs, EZ Up or enclosure, outdoor rated extension cords, lights, merchandise, etc. All space are in the dirt.

Pets: Pets are not permitted in the show area but are OK on a leash in the campground. Vendors with well-behaved, quiet pets may have them inside their vendor space, but pets must be leashed or crated. If they become noisy, or a problem in any way, as determined by Summergrass, they must be removed to your campground site permanently. Pets are absolutely not allowed in day parking for their own safety, and are not allowed in the festival audience area.


If you have questions please don’t hesitate to contact us- email We look forward to hearing from you. Please respond as soon as possible, so we can guarantee your spot. Thank You!